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Healthy Trim Diet: Does It Help With Weight Loss?

Healthy Trim Diet: Does It Help With Weight Loss?

Posted on 28 March 2012 by admin

The Snare of Starvation Dieting

Some claim that 1 out of every 4 Americans is on a diet of some sort. Yet, over 90 percent of the people who lose weight by dieting gain it back. What goes wrong?

 Your body is like a furnace; your brain is the thermostat. When you eat, your metabolism burns the food to release its energy. When more fuel is taken in than the body needs, it is stored as fat. Now, if you starve yourself to shed pounds, you will lose weight—initially. But your body quickly shifts into ‘crisis mode’ and lowers your thermostat by slowing down your metabolism. You begin gaining weight again, even on a starvation diet, and much of what you eat is stored as fat. You gain back every pound you lost and then some. In frustration, you go on another diet. But the more you lose—the more you gain.

your brain is the thermostat


So you can see why diet gimmicks simply do not work. Diet pills may curb your appetite for a while, but the body quickly adjusts to them and your appetite returns. Or your metabolism slows down and you gain weight anyway. Not to mention the side effects some have experienced, such as dizziness, high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, and addiction. The same can be said for pills that eliminate water or that speed up your metabolism. Dr. Lawrence Lamb bluntly puts it this way: “There is no such thing as a safe, effective pill to cause you to lose body fat.”


 diet pill cocktail

WEIGHT. It is virtually an obsession among some young people, particularly girls. When one group of school-age girls was polled, 58 percent of them considered themselves fat.

According to one U.S. survey, 34 percent of overweight teenage girls have taken diet pills to lose weight. Almost 1 out of 4 has resorted to vomiting! Reporting on another survey, The New Teenage Body Book says: “Shockingly, almost half of the nine-year-olds and about 80 percent of the ten- and eleven-year-olds were dieting. Some 70 percent of the girls aged twelve to sixteen were trying to lose weight—and 90 percent of the seventeen-year-olds were on a diet.”

As a young person, your body needs a fairly hefty dose of calories and nutrients every day. A starvation diet can literally stunt your growth.  According to one physician, youths who try to starve themselves can suffer “fatigue, . . . depression, chilliness, poorer performance in school, constipation, anxiety, amenorrhea [abnormal suppression or absence of menstruation], and mental sluggishness.”

diet pills

Indeed, just as medicine can cure, it can also harm.

Clearly, a distorted body image can cause some girls to become overly concerned about something that is not really a problem. “I have a friend who takes large doses of diet pills and I know a few girls who have anorexia,” says 16-year-old Kristin. She adds: “None of them are fat by any stretch of the imagination.”

With good reason, the magazine FDA Consumer recommends: “Instead of dieting because ‘everyone’ is doing it or because you are not as thin as you want to be, first find out from a doctor or nutritionist whether you are carrying too much weight or too much body fat for your age and height.”

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Guide To Diets And Nutrition Healthy Eating

Guide To Diets And Nutrition Healthy Eating

Posted on 21 March 2012 by admin

Ask any nutritionist on what you need to do in order to ensure that you eat healthy, and you will probably get the same answer; eat a balanced diet made of a variety of foods and in moderation.

Does that sound familiar?

Well, that is just a general summation of the healthy eating tips that you need to observe.

healthy eating

The human body needs at least 40 different nutrients for maximum health. The sad news is that no single food item has them all. The good news on the other hand lies in the fact that the nutrients can be obtained from different foods. As such, healthy eating tips will often advise people to eat foods from all food groups. This includes proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.

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Among the healthy eating tips recommended by nutritionists include eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A healthy adult should eat an average of three fruit servings and four vegetable servings a day. Whole grains are recommended due to their roughage content and their reliability in providing the body with nutrients contained in the husks.

eat your way to good health

Healthy eating tips for each individual vary greatly among people. Besides the general tips offered to everyone, a nutritionist will consider an individual’s height, age, sex and hereditary factors before giving advice about healthy eating habits. The overall objective of healthy eating tips provision is to ensure that people avoid lifestyle diseases that come from too much fat in the body. Such include diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and other illnesses associated with bad food choices. Being underweight on the other hand is known to affects one’s immunity level thus exposing them to more diseases.

Human beings are prone to overindulgence.

It is little wonder then that obesity is skyrocketing while quite a significant number of us literally ‘live to eat’. Healthy eating tips offered by medics in the nutrition field recommend that food, however healthy, should be eaten in moderate portions. To aid people in adopting the concept of eating in moderation, nutritionists have formulated a list of recommended servings for each meal.

don't skimp on breakfast

Another among the many eating tips nutritionists recommend is eating regular meals. Of essence to weight losers and those targeting to gain weight is that no meal should be skipped.

The argument behind this tip is that skipping meals only forces the body to go into starvation, which often, encourages the body to store up fats in the cells to cater for such eventualities. Weight gainers who skip meals on the other hand deny their bodies the all important calories that are responsible for weight gain. Other tips include drinking enough water, reducing one’s intake of highly processed and sugary foods and exercising for purposes of building muscle rather than accumulating fat.


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Eating Right to Improve Your Personal Life

Eating Right to Improve Your Personal Life

Posted on 15 March 2012 by admin

The main point to healthy eating habits is to eat right, exercise, and visit your family doctor on a regular basis. These are the main ways to get healthy and stay healthy. When you are healthy and fit you feel good about yourself. But the biggest problem with this is how we eat healthy all the time. Most of us don’t eat healthy foods day in and day out.


family meals are gone

Gone are the days when we would sit down as a family and take our time eating a meal. Nowadays, most families don’t even sit down and have a meal. Most single individuals eat out more than they eat in. Another big problem with trying to eat healthy is the price of healthy foods. Most people may want to eat healthy, but they can’t afford the price of most healthy foods at the local grocery store. It is hard to convince someone that it is better to spend an extra dollar for a healthy loaf instead of paying half that amount for a regular loaf of bread.

Another problem with healthy eating habits is knowing what are the right healthy foods to eat.


It is so easy to find unhealthy foods and let fact it most of us don’t want to take the time required to fix healthy meals. Unless you plan to grow your own healthy foods and prepare your own healthy foods, it can be hard to develop healthy eating habits.


hard to develop healthy eating habits

It usually takes something to happen to our health to get us to change the way we eat. When you are in your 20s and 30s you don’t think about the ramifications of the foods you eat. You live to eat fast foods and meals that are prepared in an instant. But when we get older and our health starts to fad, then we decide it time to make some changes to the way we eat.

See Paleo cook books healthy eating guide

I think it is human nature to only do the things that we need to do when they are required to be done. But everything we do comes at a price. What we eat is no exception. If you continue to put bad things into your body, at some point in time you will pay a price. Garbage in will produce garbage out. Our bodies can only handle getting junk for so long, and then one day it will tell us that it is feed up.

eating habits

So instead of waiting for your body to crash and burn, why not start giving your body what it needs to function properly now. The first step in that process is to start eating more healthy foods.

Some of the things you can eat right now to get your body healthy are vegetables, dairy products, and high-protein dishes and so on. You need a certain amount of fat, carbs, etc, which helps to keep you healthy.   You can get a list from your family doctor or you can search the internet to get information on the basic four food groups. If you cannot afford to eat right then maybe you should not eat as much. In addition, do some excising; excising is always good for you. Exercise will increase your health and help you to burn body fat, even if you cannot afford the four basic groups of nutritious foods. In addition, do some research and find ways to get healthy foods at a discount from stores in your area.


You cannot just jump in and change your bad eating habits overnight. You have to take time to start and to learn. For some of us that have been eating wrong all of our life, this would be hard to do overnight. Then again, others may not have any problems with it. You want to consider your position and move forward.

start eating healthy foods

One of the first things you will notice when you start eating healthy foods is that you feel better and you have more energy. Eating right has a lot to do with how we feel. If we lack nutrients, it can make one feel depressed, ill, and a bear to be around. Since, we get vitamins from our foods; you may want to include natural vitamins in your daily schedule also.

Developing healthy eating habits is not hard, but it does take time and discipline to accomplish. Don’t wait until your body fall apart before you change the way you eat. If you change the way you eat starting today, you will feel better tomorrow.

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