Exercises at Home With Proven Results

Exercises at Home With Proven Results

Indeed, there are a variety of ways to perform exercises at home. What can be done with exercise equipment and not just at home without spending any money at the gym. Our blog is totally focused on the exercises at home, no matter where you are, or what do you do that you can exercise while watching TV, working, cooking, and also for household chores. The idea is to keep your body moving every day to constantly burn calories. And you can increase your business all day without fatigue.

Make at least 20 minutes of exercise a day.


1. Walking:   A good way to burn carbs and stay in health is to walk. If the weather is nice, you can go outside for a walk. However, if the weather is bad you can get an effective workout walking at home. Try going up and down a flight of stairs a few times. This will help to tone up your legs, while getting some low impact aerobic exercise as well.  How many calories are burned walking one mile? This will vary depending on the individual, speed walked, terrain, etc. An average is 100 calories per mile. So you will need to do a lot of walking. If you don’t have stairs you may have to invest in a treadmill. A treadmill will help you to burn off 500 calores a day. In 5 days that�s 2500 calores. Close to the 3500 calories needed to bun off one pound.

Leg Lifts

2. Leg Lifts:  This is a good exercise for toning and strengthening the muscles in your legs and working out your abdominal muscles . Lie flat on your back with your legs stretched out in front of you. Bend your legs and raise them, keeping your toes pointed. Straighten your legs so that they’re pointed at the ceiling. Slowly lower your legs to about an inch off the floor. Slowly raise your legs back up to the ceiling. Repeat 5 times, then rest for 30 seconds. Try to do 3 sets for now – you can add more later on.


3.Jumping Jacks: These are always fun, we always did them in school. This a great cardio-vascular exercise. According to Fatburn.com, a 165-lb. person burns an average of 630 calories an hour while performing jumping jacks. However, it is unlikely that you will perform jumping jacks for one hour. Still, you can burn about 10 calories a minute from this exercise.


4. Pushups:  These are tough to do. The easiest way  to do them is on your knees, instead of  keeping your legs straight. Or, do them standing up against a wall. Pushups don’t burn many calories. Wiki answers – The answer is 638 calories per hour. So measure how many minutes you are doing them and divide accordingly. Every minute you burn about 10.63 calories. I figure for every 100 pushups you would burn about 100 calories.  But who can do a 100 pushups? I can’t even do 10. They are great for your upper body. For example, push ups work your fingers and hands, biceps, triceps, shoulders and forearms, upper and lower back and even your abdominal muscles. In addition, they strengthen your leg muscles, including your hamstrings, quads and calves and increase your inderance level.


5. Crunches: The best exercise for building up core strength or strengthening abdominal muscles. When you perform crunches, and other core exercises, such as pushups, side planks and glute bridges, you teach the muscles in this region to work in a coordinated manner. Crunches can also help with breathing, improve balance, protect the internal organs and help muscles that assist in activities such as sitting, lifting, standing, and bending over. How many should you do? Two or three sets twice daily of about 40 crunches should complete a good crunch workout.

squat exercise

6. Squats:  Squats are one of the best exercises you can do for your hips, butt and thighs. Squats can help you burn calories, increase flexibility in the lower body, strengthen the lower back and mid section and knees, and increase heart and lung power. How many squats should you do? If you’re an exercise beginner, practice squats without any weight resistance first, then slowly increase added weight over time. Do squats whenever you do resistance training — aim to do them at least two or three times a week, but only do strength training every other day at most to give your muscles a day to recover. According to MayoClinic.com, one set of 12 to 15 squats is adequate for most people.

Light weight lifting

7. Light Weight Lifting: Weight training is great for your health. It can lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Strengthen your bones. Reduce stress and anxiety. Improve your overall body flexibility. It will boost your metabolism and reduce your body fat.  You will have better posture and more endurance. It can help you handle stress and boost your state of mind.

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*  (Before doing any exercises consult your doctor)

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