Healthy Snacking to Keep You in Shape

Healthy Snacking to Keep You in Shape

“Do not ignore your hunger pangs and eat without guilt. With advanced planning and a bit of preparation, you can have healthy snacks on hand so you’re ready when temptation strikes”.

Healthy Snacking

What is a Snack?

A snack typically means a type of food not meant to be eaten with the main meal-breakfast, lunch or dinner; but rather to relieve a person’s hunger between these meals, providing a brief energy boost for the body. There is both healthy and unhealthy snacking.  Unhealthy snacking can lead to serious health problems and obesity.  Did you know that if you drank 2 cans of soft drinks a day for a year you could gain up 25 pounds!

Benefits of Snacking:

Snacking can be part of a balanced diet. Some have found that snacking makes them less likely to overeat during mealtimes. The question isn’t whether you are going to snack, but what are you going to eat when you do.

Some benefits are listed below:

  • Healthy snacks are high in fiber and essential nutrients that your body needs.
  • You can stave off your hunger pangs and prevent yourself from overeating. Healthy snacking can help you reduce your total amount of calories.
  • Snacking can help you to reduce and adjust your calorie intake as you age.
  • Don’t ignore your body signals, eating smaller snacks can result in eating smaller meals and help you stay on your weight loss track.

Healthy Snacking

Some Helpful Suggestions

Try not to exceed a 100 calories when snacking. Plan your meals and snacks at just the proper times to help you lose to lose weight.  And don’t always believe what you read on food packages. Sometimes companies get healthy and wealthy mixed up. Or even ignore the healthy altogether.

The best snacks are healthy and high in nutrients. Unprocessed whole foods are like high octane fuels that help you to run a high and optimal levels throughout the day.

Don’t buy what you shouldn’t eat.  Why would you want to buy something that you know isn’t going to be good for you and in the long run will cause you to gain weight. I once brought some cake to a gathering in Taiwan and none the women ate any of it. So, the next time I went to the gathering I brought all fruits and vegetables and guess what? There wasn’t a single food item left after the party.  Why are many Chinese people so thin? Because they know what not to eat.

Some Healthy and Good Tasting Snacks

Snacks don’t have to be tasteless to be good. There are a lot of good tasting and healthy snacks that will keep you satisfied and full of energy while maintaining your healthy physic. Here are some healthy snacks for you to indulge with:

Popcorn: To be honest, I always thought that popcorn was fatting.  We always added a lot of butter and salt. How could that be good for you? Well, popcorn actually contains more nutrition than you think. Popcorn contains vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Its actually very good for you and the list of nutrients is pretty long. Just take care not to add too much salt and butter.

healthy snacking popcorn

Fresh Fruits: Fresh fruits are great for your health. Just take one fruit alone as an example, the apple. An apple is high in fiber, rich in manganese, and full of vitamins A, E, B1, B2, and B6. And it also contains polyphenols and vitamin C.  So, wouldn’t snacking on an apple be a great idea? Imagine then, if you combined several fruits in a smoothie. What a infusion of healthful nutrients your body would receive!

fresh fruits

Fresh Vegetables: Fresh vegetables are one of  the most wholesome snacks you can eat. To lose weight many people will eat 2 portions of vegetables before they eat their dinner. Other people will try to eat more vegetables than the rest of the dinner.

fresh veggies

Nuts:  Nuts are healthy, ask any squirrel. Did you know that a squirrel can hide up to 10,000 nuts within 3 months.  Do squirrels know something that we don’t?  Yes. Nuts are loaded with antioxidants. Although nuts are a high calorie food studies show that nuts may actually help you lose weight.  Nuts can also help your cholesterol and triglyceride levels to go down.  Some nuts are high in fiber and others may even reduce inflammation. Nuts also contain the amino acid L-tryptophan, which may make you sleepy.

fresh nuts

Cereals: Cereals can be very heathy, but there are a lot of  “ifs, ands and buts” that go with this.  They are healthy if they are made from whole grains. And they are healthy if there isn’t a lot of added sugar or salt. They can be healthy if they are high in fiber.  But they will even be more healthier if  you add fruits to them.


Healthy snacks and their calorie counts:

Apple 1 medium 3″ size 182g              Calories: 95

Banana 1 medium size 7-8″ 118g       Calories: 105

Dried Peas 25g                                      Calories: 72

Popcorn 2 cups (air-popped)              Calories: 62
Baby Carrots 170g                                Calories: 60

Bean Salad 80g                                      Calories: 90

Raw Almonds 20 almonds                  Calories: 139

Raw Mixed Nuts 30g                            Calories: 178

In Conclusion

Develop habits to stick to your regularity of munching only healthy snacks. Here are some Snacking Tips you can follow::

  • Plan your daily routine with healthy foods and snacks.
  • Buy healthy snacks when you go shopping, make them part of your grocery list.
  • Keep them always on you, so that you don’t run into the variety store and end up buying junk food.
  • Buy healthy and good tasting snacks so you won’t be tempted to return to being a junk food eater.

So go ahead and Snack, but do it the healthy way!