Lose Weight And Get In Shape!

Lose Weight And Get In Shape!

The Cost for Getting in Shape

Do you need to spend a lot of money to get in shape? People spend a whole lot of money to get in shape. They probably spend somewhere in the neighborhood of hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a gym membership and some fitness equipment. Does getting in shape require a lot of money? Not really, all you need is just knowledge and dedication to start on the road to fitness. Actually you don’t even need to make a new years resolution to lose weight and get stronger. You can do it with a simple 30 minute workout at home.

What will you Learn from the Video

This video above makes the assumption that you don’t have any experience with fitness or weightlifting so you need not worry, they aren’t going to use any overly intimidating workout equipment. You probably will feel better and have a lot more energy even after the first workout! OK, now for our workout, there are only three exercises – crunches for abs, push-ups for chest, shoulders and triceps, and pull-ups for lats and biceps. And don’t worry, if you cant do a single push-up or pull-up I will show you how you can get started and build up your strength.

The Workout

This workout may or may not be for everyone, depending on how out of shape you are. You probably did these three exercises back in PE as a kid, but I’m going to show you how to do them correctly so you don’t get injured.

Workout Schedule

For a simple schedule you start by working out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You could break up the workout by doing 15 minutes of cardio and then 15 minutes of the workout above or vice-versa. Before you start any workout you should consult a doctor first. Your doctor probably knows your body better than you do.

My Own Workout

I myself breakup my workout into two parts. One day I will do the treadmill for 30 minutes and stomach exercises for 15 minutes.  A total of 45 minutes three times a week. The next day I will leg stretches and weight lifting. A total of another 45 minutes. This really works for me.  I usually do some stretches or warmups before I start working out.

Take Home Message

The point that I’m trying to make is that you need to tailor fit the workout to yourself. As you can see from the workout picture above. Remember, if you are going to lose weight and stay in shape that there are many activities that can be substituted for working out. For example, bicycle riding could be substituted for the treadmill. So switch it up and stay in shape.