7 Tips for Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

7 Tips for Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

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7 Tips for Weight Loss and Healthy Eating.

The All-or-Nothing Approach

If you were to take a poll among nutritionists on what are the basic food requirements for eating healthy, what answer do you think you would get? Eat pizza and drink beer? Wrong answer! There probably would be a general consensus that you need eat in moderation, you need to have a balanced diet made, and you need to eat a variety of healthful foods.

Although eating healthy may require a small adjustment in your lifestyle and eating habits. There is no need to take the all-or-nothing approach. We know you would rather die than cut off some of your foods. Notice here what the Family Medical Guide previously said: “Adopting a healthy lifestyle does not mean that you have to stop enjoying life.”

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What’s a healthy Lifestyle?

What makes up a balanced diet?  A well-balanced diet is made up of carbohydrates such as breads, cereals, rice, and pasta. Next in importance are vegetables and fruits. The USDA department only recommends that we eat moderate amounts of meats and dairy products.

Amazing as the human body is, its still not a machine. You have to feed it. Your body needs at least 40 different nutrients for top health. The problem is, no one food contains all of the nutrients that’s need. So, you need to eat a variety of healthy foods from different groups.

If you would like to know what foods are healthy and what foods are not you can visit nutritiondata.self.com. This site will even calculate the number of calories that you burn if you eat the food. The website also provides the percentages of carbs, fats, and proteins that a food has.

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7 Tips for losing weight

  1. Eat your breakfast!  If you don’t eat your breakfast, The New Teenage Body Book warns. “You’ll tend to load up on food—and calories—late in the day.”
  1. Before each meal drink a large glass of water.  This sounds simple but who does it? Drinking water is a great idea for it is fat-free, calorie-free, and cholesterol-free, and besides that its low in salt. And, as an additional bonus it’s a food suppressant.
  1. Don’t eat and watch TV.  If you eat while you are watching TV, you will only grab junk food and eat like a machine. Eat vegies instead.
  1. Chew your food slowly.  It usually takes about 20 minutes before the brain receives a signal from the stomach that it is full.
  1. Substitution.  Dr. Peter O. Kwiterovich says, “Substitute foods low in total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol for foods high in these fats.
  1. Don’t put too much on the table.  Obviously, if put too much on the table then everyone will start going back for seconds and even thirds.
  1. Eat low fat desserts.  One piece of chocolate cake with frosting will have 59% carbs and 39% fats.

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Bonus Tips:

Be careful when preparing food for a large family. You may be tempted to eat a lot of the food you’re preparing.

Some other tips include drinking a sufficient amount of water, curbing one’s intake of store bought processed foods that have a high amount of sugar and regular exercise for the the goal  of building lean muscle rather than accumulating fat.